Executive Committee



Rev. Elizabeth Wilson Manahan


Rev. Jack Baca
Rev. Greg Bostrom
Rev. Nathan Byrd
Maurice Caskey
Rev. John Joseph
Rev. John Moser
Holly Nolan
Rev. Michael Sedgwick
Sue Skala
Lyn Lloyd Smith
Rev. Jeya So
Kevin Womack
Ex Officio
Rev. Michael Mudgett
Rev. Bob Davis
This Committee:
  • Arranges the docket of business for meetings of Presbytery
  • Considers and reports to Presbytery upon all new program proposals and appeals for monies
  • Reviews and evaluates the work of Presbytery in light of the goals, priorities, and directions developed by the Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly
  • Provides an input to the Human Resources Committee
  • Reviews and comments on a preliminary budget to be presented to Presbytery by the BP&F Committee
  • Selects nominees for the Nominating Committee
  • Elects chairs of ministry teams
  • Hears reports from its subcommittees, commissions, standing committees and ministry teams, upon request, and acts upon them
  • Acts on items that have been assigned to it by the Presbytery for action between meetings of Presbytery
  • Supports the chairs of standing committees and ministry teams in coping with issues and problems confronting them
  • May also appoint special committees as needed to facilitate its mission or for special purposes.