The San Diego Presbytery is called by God to be a spiritual, missional and relational gathering of churches serving San Diego and Imperial Counties


We are a spiritual community centered on the person of Jesus–his life, death and resurrection, and his calling on our lives. We submit to his lordship as head of the Church, his body. Our essential tenets and reformed distinctive shape form a framework for our theology. We remain committed to the historic, orthodox, Biblical, evangelical, Reformed faith of the church.  We want people to know Jesus Christ, believe in Him, and follow Him into the abundant life God has for the whole world.

We are a missional community. No longer primarily a governing body, we are becoming a mission agency, a missionary community, on a journey with Jesus, for the life of the world. We seek to be creative, innovative, and imaginative as we discover new ways to discover what the Holy Spirit is up to in our world and join Jesus in the mission of God.  We have been blessed to be a blessing.  We have been saved to serve.

We are a relational community, brothers and sisters in Christ, committed to serving the church and the world together. We meet together to build each other up and spur each other on toward love and good deeds. We encourage each other to lead courageously, learn new ways of being the church, take risks, and experiment for the sake of our mission. We seek to know and love one another in obedience to Christ and as a witness to the world of his presence.