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ACTIVE SHOOTER TRAINING: Unfortunately, this kind of training is now more germane than ever before in view of the acts of terrorism in our schools and churches. PLCPC recently engaged with Homeland Security and the SD Police Department for an on-site assessment and a training seminar, respectively. I asked Jerry Heidt, an elder at PLCPC, who coordinated with these entities if he’d share his contact information with me, and I encourage all of our churches to follow through with the assessment and trainings. You might consult with your insurance carrier on your proposed training. Here’s the info:

Sergeant Joshua DaFoe
San Diego Police Department
Mass Threat Unit
3940 Federal Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92109
w (619) 446-1012
c (760) 315-1079

He gave a 45 minute seminar at PLCPC on February 11 for no fee,

Kelly Wilson
Protective Security Advisor-San Diego District
US Department of Homeland Security
Office of Infrastructure Protection, Region IX

She made a 2 hour walk-thru assessment of our church campus on April 11 and produced a written summary for no fee.