Michael’s Missives

Michael’s Missives

by Rev. Michael Mudgett



Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to sit down and talk with anyone from history – anyone of your choosing!?  Let’s see, there’s George Washington, Harriet Beecher Stowe, John Lennon, your great grandparent – and on and on.  Just you and that person, unrushed, uncensored, totally transparent, talking.

We get to do that in spades!  Not with some notable person from history, but with our Creator God!  So – who wouldn’t want to talk to God, uncensored, unrushed, totally transparent!?

Prayer:  We are called to pray; that is, to talk with God, our Creator.  “Be still – and know that I am God.”  Paul admonishes us, to “Pray without ceasing.” And Jesus taught his disciples to pray, “Our Father who art in heaven ….”  The disciples asked Jesus to teach them.




I’m mindful that May 3rd, next Thursday, is the National Day of Prayer.  I’m mindful of this because Donnie Rugg from First Pres San Diego came bounding up to me after a Sunday worship service at First Pres SD, to tell me they (First Pres) will be “open for prayer” on May 3rd, and asked if I’d please join them!  I applaud Donnie and First Pres for encouraging their city to pray – pray for the city, the state, the federal government and all called to lead, as well as peace in our country, the end of racism, intolerance, hubris, debauchery, and the list goes on.  I applaud them because their doors are open to the community, inviting all to come in and pray for our country.



I know that First Pres El Cajon will be open for the National Day of Prayer – doors wide open to their community with an invitation to come and pray.

I believe other churches will be doing the same: churches within our presbytery and others outside of it.

I’m encouraging you to pray.  Pray for our country.  I can’t remember another time in my life where we needed prayer for unity, wisdom, and courage, more than we do now.  Life gets complicated.  We need wisdom and courage beyond ourselves.  We need to pray to God who can do more than we can ask or think.

Let’s join together to pray more fervently and pray more deeply for our country, for peace within our borders and beyond.  Let’s pray for our President (regardless of one’s politics), our representatives and senators in federal and state governments, our country and others.

The theme for this year’s National Day of Prayer is UNITY, and is premised upon Ephesians 4:3, “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.”

Also pray for unity within our own Presbytery.  Unity to develop church planters; unity in planting churches; unity among pastors and elders and leaders throughout our churches; unity in the church of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


Let’s pray, really pray, as though prayer to our living God really matters.

God bless you as we pray together to work together to stay together, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Pray for unity.


  1. Cyclical San Diego:  Daniel So is the Cyclical SD director.  Presbytery’s Executive Committee recently voted to appoint Rev. Dr. Mike McClenahan as chair of Cyclical’s steering committee.  Other members of the steering committee are Frances Lin, Rev. John Moser, Jim Sedgwick, Sarah Carter and Rev. Michael Mudgett.  Daniel will show a new video about Cyclical SD as he visits with your sessions to share the vision and invites you to support our presbytery’s church planting initiative with your prayers and resources.  Daniel also will show the video at May’s presbytery meeting.
  2. General Assembly 2018: We covet your prayers for our GA commissioners.  General Assembly is in St. Louis, MO this year.  Our commissioner are Rev. Rosalind Ziccardi, elders Sue Skala (Pt Loma Community Pres) and Bridget Meckley (Fletcher Hills Pres), our Young Adult Advisory Delegate, Rebecca Matsch (Pt Loma Community Pres), and me.  Dr. Bob Davis committed Monday and Wednesday evenings for three weeks in April to train and prepare us for GA, with follow up sessions closer in time to GA.  We owe a debt of gratitude to Bob for taking the time and caring enough to provide us with quality training.
  3. Presbytery’s Gulf Coast mission trip: We’re ready to launch for the gulf coast on April 30, for a week-long mission trip.  We have about 15 people going, representing about 8 churches.  Not bad for the inaugural launch!  My dream for our presbytery is that someday we will have at least one person from each of our churches working together outside of our turf to serve others in a display of our unity in Jesus Christ.  Pray for us, as we go forward in the name of Jesus, few in number, but mighty in service in Christ’s name.  Thank you.
  4. National Day of Prayer: Here are a couple of sites to gather with others to discuss, reflect and pray for national unity —
    1. First Pres San Diego – see the attached flyer.
    2. First Pres El Cajon: check out their invitation to join them for prayer, at http://www.firstpres-elcajon.org.
    3. San Diego Prayer Breakfast: individual tickets @ $25/person for breakfast, 7:00 – 9:00 a.m., Thursday, May 3rd, Jacobs Center, 404 Euclid Avenue, San Diego, CA.
    4. The above are all I know about; I’m sure there are others.
  5. Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy & Child Protection Policy: The COM task force has submitted its final draft of the two aforementioned policies to an employment lawyer for final legal review.  Once completed the policy will be submitted to the floor of Presbytery for review, debate and vote.
  6. Process & Educational Standards re CREs: COM received the final draft of the task force (combined members from COM and HR) report entitled “Process & Educational Standards for becoming a Certified Ruling Elder in the San Diego Presbytery.”  It will be presented to the Presbytery for discussion, debate, and vote.  It will provide needed guidance and process to those seeking CRE certification, and is especially germane to the discerners and church planters with Cyclical San Diego.

  1. Rosalind Ziccardi will be serving as interim pastor at First Pres El Cajon beginning May 1, 2018.
  2. Dr. Alan Deuel is retiring at the end of May 2018. His last Sunday in the pulpit is April 29th.
  3. Dr. Parrish Bridges resigned from Mira Mesa Pres and moved back to Bridgeport, PA.